Punchwork Shoulder Bag

Detailed with punchwork accents, hand-stitched sides, and a custom shoulder strap that can be removed to turn the bag into a belt pouch or backpack; this bag is perfect for those needing a small pack for their daily adventures.

So I’m going to be honest here. This started out as a recreation of 9S’ bag from Nier: Automata. Obviously though, it didn’t end up like such. While building the concept, I decided to steer away from the game and just make the bag for myself, giving it some personal flare. Both the front and back sides are accented with punchwork mandalas, inside lined with pigskin, and even comes with an attached pencil pouch on the interior wall.

If there’s one thing I’d improve or change about this bag, it’d be the strap sleeve’s placement on the backside. I somehow placed it exactly on the bag’s axis of balance and so it doesn’t hang quite right off the shoulder. Attempted to alleviate some of this by adding the small extension strap with D-rings resting in the sleeve, but it only does so much.

But hey, it’s my first bag and for myself, I’m allowed to make mistakes. Better to work out the issues now instead of during a custom order.