BCDC Mandala Sketchbook

This sketchbook begs to be cracked open and share its secrets with its live edge, meticulously designed punchwork mandala, and a strap to carry the book on one’s belt.

A while back I made a cover for my sketchbook that holds all of my leather design scribbles, notes, etc. But it was only recently that I finally completed it by adding the strap to keep it shut. Not only does this strap allow me to carry it closed securely, but the clasp lets the sketchbook become a statement piece hanging off my belt instead of just tucked away within a bag.

Even better, it’s refillable! Once the sketchbook is all used up (and I’m already over halfway there, any artist’s dream right?), I can pull the insert out and replace it with a fresh A5 size booklet. This gives it the ability to be used both for drawing and writing, depending on what’s desired at the time.