Fantasy Field Notes Book

Engraved with the regional Kingdoms and notable communities, a traveler can record any and all things they come across on their adventures.

Inspired by 13th century illuminated scripture, this notebook cover is embellished with scrolling vines, hand painted details, and a map of the four kingdoms that the owner travels within. This was created for a client from TFF 2020 who wanted a physical one of their D&D characters would carry on their adventures, detailing the flora, fauna, and sights that they find along the way.

I had to do a bit of research into the styles and techniques that scribes used back then for their designs and lettering….let me tell ya, these people were insanely talented to do what they did way back then. Having to figure out by eye how they drew out letters was tough! Serious props to them, it really gives one much more respect for their art.